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Meet the species
Meet the species
Each immortal species is different and special

Vampire Traits:
Cannot go out in sunlight, pale skin, blue eyes that turn red when angry, fangs when angry, hungry or sexually excited, only drinks blood, self-centered.

Werewolf Traits: Turn to wolf on full moon or when angry, brown eyes that turn gold when angry or in wolf form, muscular bodies, have wolf counterpart with them at all times that is revealed by the moonlight (the fuller the moon the more solid the wolf counterpart appears), human half is called a "keeper," sensitive to silver when merged to full wolf form, pack oriented.

Werepire Traits: Alexia is the only one in existence, can go in sun for limited time per day, does not need to drink blood to survive, can control full moon merge by drinking blood.

Mermaid Traits: Petite beautiful women, no surviving mermen. Sing-song voices, silver eyes. Entire body covered in scales when wet. Use "persuasion" to make others do and think as they want. Their powers are centered in the mind, they are physically small and weak. Love salt and banana gets them "drunk"

Animal Elf Traits: Tall, pale luminescent skin, pointed ears, brown eyes. Firmly believe in "an eye-for-an-eye" strive for a balance with nature in all things. Feel they are a superior species to any other immortal species. Can communicate and heal animals.

Warlock Traits: Black hair, purple eyes. Gain power from earth/nature. Crystal Balls: power concentrated in their balls, making a sexual exeperience with one an addicting thing. Live alone or in pairs, not with the female of the species: witches.

Wizard Traits: Black hair, black eyes. A warlock gone bad, using magic from unnatural sources.

Witch Traits: Black hair, purple eyes. Known for being "crazy bitches" Skin turns green when they cast spells. Sensitive skin to sexual touch. When they come together with their destinied mate their skin turns green (though this is thought to be only a myth)

Elf-Witch:  Silvery hair, one purple eye one brown eye. Fingernails turn purple when casts spells...Not much is known about this species at this time...

Selkies: Shed their "seal skins" and become humanlike in appearance. Greyish peach skin that is slightly slimy. Flat faces, pigh like snout. Eyes are large black orbs that take up most of their faces. Sharp teeth. If they put their hand over your mouth they can drown a human instantly, and an immortal quickly. Perhaps the first species to be the "other side"

Water Sprite: Give off a blue light, tiny creature much like a human thinks a fairy is. Can enter any body of water and sense what is happening in it. Can manipulate water. Fairly helpless in the immortal world.

Water Elf: Beautiful tall long white hair blue eyes luminsescent skin. Live in the water they think they are too good to need the Council of Immortals. Can dissapear in the water and become invisible.

Fire Demon: Tall and broad shouldered. Red horns, black hair and red eyes, reflect fire within. Throw fireballs that can kill an immortal. Bodies are intensely hot. Move through shadows as if a part of them.

Ice Demon: Tall and broad shouldered. White horns, blond hair and white eyes. *not a lot known about this species yet*

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