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Wine Wish

Wine Wish

By: Courtney Breazile

Laura needed this, more than she needed to breathe right now. She needed this, this cabin, this peace and this time with just herself. Well, admittedly it would have been better if she could have shared this rare weekend away with a lover, if only she had one. Unfortunately, her career as an attorney left no room for a personal life.

                She felt the need more than ever. Her body was wound tight, her mind was frantic, and her fingers itched to feel the hot skin of another. Too tired after working long hours, it had been weeks since she had masturbated, too tired to give herself even that little bit of relief.

                Laura sighed as she pulled up to the cabin, this weekend she would spend some quality time with herself, and a bottle of wine or two. It was a small-one bedroom one bath-cabin with a great view of a small mountain lake. It had been in her family for years. She made her way up to it whenever she had a full two days of the weekend to get away. It was rare but always worth the drive.

                First thing she would do was jump in the pond, and as was her personal tradition, she would do it naked. She didn’t care that it was late September and maybe fifty degrees out, she was jumping in. Laura stripped just outside the car and let loose with a wild yell as she scrambled down the path and off the end of the dock, splashing into the cold refreshing water. She floated there for a while, her long blond hair fanning out around her. She felt the tension of her life seep out into the fresh cool water, felt relaxation and life rush back into her veins.

                Renewed, and half frozen, Laura hurried up to the cabin. She would dry off and build a fire, then carry in her few supplies. As she passed the car, she noticed the bottle of wine sticking up from her bag. It had been a lucky surprise she had discovered when she’d been halfway here. Somehow, she’d ended up with someone else’s bottle of wine in with her groceries, and it looked to be a very expensive Cabernet Sauvignon too, her favorite. The label was something she had never seen before-all black with blue lettering-Leith it was called. She hoped that whoever had purchased the wine wouldn’t miss it too much. She certainly planned on enjoying it.

                On impulse Laura grabbed the bottle as she headed inside. A glass of wine would be perfect to warm her. Just holding the bottle warmed her, and in some surprisingly pleasant areas too. Her chilled nipples began to heat and harden for a different reason. Suddenly her mouth was incredibly dry and she couldn’t wait to open the bottle, she needed a drink, now.

                Laura went straight to the kitchen, right for the wine opener and groaned with delight as the cork slid out with a delicious pop. Her knees slightly weak, she reached for a glass. As she poured the deep red liquid, her cunt spasmed. Wetness slid down her thigh as she raised the glass to her parted lips. She inhaled the rich scent and her eyes drifted closed. Full of anxious desire, her entire body warmed. When the wine touched her tongue she fell back against the counter to keep upright. As it flowed down her throat, it lit a path of desire so intense she nearly came right then.

                “Fuck….” she whispered, not sure what had just happened.

                “Oh yes, definitely,” a deep masculine voice answered and pulled Laura from her intense enjoyment.

                Laura opened her eyes and screamed, trying in vain to cover herself. She dropped her glass of wine on the floor between herself and a very large, very handsome stranger. He was easily seven feet tall, so wide she doubted she could get her arms all the way around his broad shoulders. Muscles bulged everywhere under golden brown skin. He wore only a pair of silk pajama pants, leaving his delectable chest available for her perusal. His shoulder length blond hair framed a perfect face, wide mouth, strong chin, and blue eyes that sparkled in an unnatural way.

                “Who the hell are you?” she finally managed.

                “Leith, you drank me and now I am here.”

                The words rolled off his tongue like silk and Laura felt them wrap around her, drawing her in. She had to fight the urge to step closer to him, had to remind herself she didn’t know him. “I’m naked!” she said, surprised, then rushed from the kitchen and grabbed a blanket from the couch. When she turned he was right there behind her.
                “I wasn’t complaining. Your body is beautiful.”

                “Thanks, I…what the hell are you doing here?”

                “You brought me here, the wine is my home and when it is drunk, I appear to grant the lucky drinker one wish.”

                Laura laughed, she couldn’t help herself. The guy was obviously insane. Hotter than anyone she had ever met, but completely insane.

                Leith’s face twisted into a scowl and he crossed his arms over his chest, glaring down at her. “I assure you it is nothing to laugh about.”

                “Perhaps you should lay off the wine, Leith. It seems to be going to your head.”

                “I don’t drink, or eat, or sleep, or anything else. I sit in that goddamn bottle until someone opens it up and takes a drink, and then I pop out and grant them their deepest darkest desire.”

                “I am sure you do,” Laura placated, gripping the blanket a little tighter around herself.

As she watched, Leith’s eyes turned from sparkling blue to red and suddenly a fire was blazing in the hearth beside them.

Laura jumped away from the blaze. “Shit.”

                “I am a genie, of sorts, Laura, and you only have a short time to use me. So I suggest we get on with it, after all it’s the only thing I live for anymore.”

                “I don’t think-” Laura’s words were cut off by Leith’s lips. They were hot and hard and everything she loved in a kiss.

His hands slid up to the bare skin of her back, his finger’s caressing. “Tell me what you desire, I can grant you anything.”

Laura’s mind was fuzzy, her lips were missing his and her body was heating where his fingers touched her bare skin so lightly. She didn’t care what he was or where he had come from. She just wanted him to give her what she had needed for so long. She wanted his body, all over hers. She needed him to fuck her, to make her scream and tremble. Laura let her blanket drop from her naked body, running her hands up his exposed chest, her fingers tracing the defined muscles.

Leith’s hands caressed their way down her back until he was cupping her ass. He pulled her roughly to him, pressing their lower bodies deliciously together.

Laura bit her lip when she felt the incredibly long hard length of his cock under the soft material of his pants. Her cunt was instantly wet, wanting him. She looked up into Leith’s sparkling blue eyes and gasped, there was something unreal about them. As if she were looking into a swirling pool of water. She wanted to dive into them, wanted to drown in him. She was lost in those eyes, and didn’t want to find her way back out. She felt so safe, as if she could ask for anything and he wouldn’t judge her, would please her in any way she wanted.

“Yes, Laura love, tell me what you want, tell me how I can please you.” Leith’s voice was low and intoxicating, smooth like wine and left her mind delightfully fuzzy.

“I want you, and more, more people.”

“Anything you wish,” Leith said and handed her a glass of wine she hadn’t realized he was holding.

Laura breathed in the exotic aroma. This was Leith’s wine. She took a big drink, letting the incredible liquid fill her mouth and coat her throat, spreading heat and need as it went. She closed her eyes, concentrating on how it tingled on her tongue, echoing the tingle she felt in her nipples and farther down in her clit. As she swallowed, her entire body trembled and her knees were so weak she leaned against Leith to keep from falling.

Laura felt something wet on the back of her legs and shivered. She opened her eyes and looked behind her. Two women were there, completely naked and sliding their tongues up the back of her legs. Laura looked up at Leith, her mouth open, shocked.

Leith smiled down at her. “I told you I would grant any wish, your desires are to be met tonight, fully and exquisitely.” Leith dipped down and pressed his lips to hers.

His tongue slipped into her mouth, it tasted like wine and Laura couldn’t get enough.

The girls were at her ass now, their tongues making their way over her cheeks and continuing their way up her back.

Laura felt wetness dripping from her cunt. She moved her hips and pressed her wet cunt against Leith’s hard cock. Her hands slid down to the waistband of his pants as she caressed his tongue with her own. Fingering the waistband Laura broke the kiss, panting. The girls had made their way to her shoulders and she looked at each. One was the gorgeous redhead she bought coffee from nearly every day, Vanessa. She had always secretly admired Vanessa’s curvy body and often thought about kissing those plump red lips. She met Vanessa’s green eyes and smiled.

“Thank you so much for inviting me to your party, Laura,” Vanessa said then leaned forward and kissed her. Her mouth tasted like Leith’s wine.

Laura pulled away, confused. She looked to the other girl. It was the pretty little blond who worked in her office, Mary. Laura had often fantasized about Mary’s lithe body.

“Yes, thank you,” Mary said, then pulled Laura’s face to hers and kissed her thoroughly. Her mouth too tasted like Leith’s wine.

Laura felt like she had been drinking glass after glass of wine. Tipsy in a delightful way she closed her eyes for a moment to savor the feel of them all.

Leith whispered in her ear, “They are really here, but they are under my influence, they won’t remember this tomorrow. They are here to please you in whatever way you wish.”

So many ideas filled her mind…she couldn’t decide where she wanted to start.

Vanessa and Mary were caressing her, kissing her neck and shoulders.

Leith handed her another glass of wine.

Laura sipped the wine and a vivid image came to mind, she knew what she wanted. Before she could even put it into words everyone started to move, changing positions to fulfill her fantasy.

Leith twirled her around, his pants disappearing, his exposed cock hot against her ass. “This will be most delicious, Laura love, I am impressed with your naughty creativity.” Leith sat back on a chair and pulled her down onto his cock.

Laura groaned as he entered her, stretching and filling her cunt. She reached behind her and grabbed his hair, pulling his head down to her neck. He obliged and started to nip and kiss the sensitive area. His rough hands reached around her, playing with her erect nipples, making her squirm in his lap. “Oh, fuck yes…” she groaned.

Vanessa knelt in front of them, spreading their legs wide, exposing the view of Leith inside of Laura’s cunt. Laura’s wetness dripped from her, covering his balls. Vanessa dipped her head down, licking from Leith’s balls to Laura’s clit and nuzzling in, her tongue swirled around Laura’s sensitive bud.

Laura trembled and moved one hand to Vanessa’s head, holding her there as she moved her hips, feeling Leith’s cock deep inside her, rubbing against her g-spot while Vanessa’s tongue massaged her clit. She had never felt so excited.

Looking over Vanessa’s back, Laura met Mary’s blue eyes. She gave her a smile and noded, and then Mary moved into position.

Mary laid on the floor, scooting herself between Vanessa’s thighs and teasingly licked her cunt. Mary spread her own legs wide, slipping her hand down her body and began to masturbate.

It was so beautiful. Laura couldn’t tear her eyes away. Vanessa was moving her hips, fucking Mary’s face and groaning against Laura’s cunt, her tongue moving faster now, her teeth grazing Laura’s clit, sucking it. Mary’s hips were moving too, thrusting up to meet her fingers. Laura could see how wet Mary was, her fingers glistening as they pulled out of her cunt and rubbed around her clit. Her own cunt clenched and gushed around Leith’s cock as she watched.

Laura fisted her hands in Leith’s hair, trying to hold on, not wanting to end this too soon. The room was full of gasps and moans. They were all going to come together. One orgasm in the group would set off all the others.

“No one comes before me,” Laura demanded. Vanessa and Mary both whined in agreement, their bodies visibly trembling.

“Mmmm yes, anything you wish,” Leith whispered in her ear, biting her lobe. He pulled at her nipples, making her gasp at the pleasure of the pain. He moved his hands down to her hips, grasping them firm and holding her above him as he began to move, pounding his cock deep inside her cunt.

Laura wanted to move, but couldn’t, he held her firm. Vanessa’s hot mouth worked her clit frantically as Leith pounded into her mercilessly, his cock going so deep, so hard, hitting her g-spot and making her pant. Her body was on fire, trembling and racing toward an incredible orgasm. “Oh fuck…oh God…” she screamed, trying so hard to hold back, to not come yet.

Her gaze was transfixed on Mary’s fingers, working her own clit, her hips thrusting up. She was spreading her lips with one hand, exposing her clit while her other hand frantically rubbed at it. Then she slid her fingers down, thrusting deep inside herself and lathered her own wetness on her clit.

Vanessa reached behind herself, caressing her ass and pushing her fingers into her own cunt, fucking herself as she moved over Mary’s face faster. She was groaning against Laura’s clit, the vibrations adding to the pleasure her mouth was giving.

Laura was so close now. Leith’s cock was pounding harder, giving her exactly what she needed. The pressure was building. She arched her back, bit her lip and tried to hold on. She moved her hands into Vanessa’s red hair, wanting more. Panting now, knowing she couldn’t stop it, she was going to come.

“Yes, Laura love, fucking come, come all over my cock, let Vanessa drink it in as she comes all over Mary’s face and Mary will come all over her fingers. Then me, I will come deep inside your cunt, Laura love. I will fill you.”

Leith’s words created a picture of erotic pleasure that Laura wanted to experience. She wanted that, to see everyone coming together, a wave of release rippling through their group. “Yes! Oh fuck yes, I’m coming,” Laura screamed as her cunt clenched and spasmed around Leith’s cock, coming so hard she felt it shake her entire body.

Vanessa was next, arching her back and groaning against Laura’s clit, her body trembling between Laura’s thighs. Her mouth vibrated against Laura’s clit as she screamed out her release.

Mary quickly followed, her fingers thrust deep in her cunt, her thighs clasping together as she arched her back off the floor and screamed beneath Vanessa’s cunt.

The three of them gasped and trembled together as Leith thrust up, holding his cock deep in Laura’s cunt. He let loose with a deep guttural groan as his cock pulsed, shooting his hot cum deep inside her.

Laura closed her eyes and savored the feeling of complete satisfaction. She sighed deep and opened them. Vanessa and Mary were gone, Leith was gone. She was naked, her cunt dripping with cum, the smell of sex and wine was in the air. She was curled up alone and satisfied in the chair. She smiled and stared into the fireplace.

This was exactly the kind of relaxing weekend she had needed for so long. Inspiring too, she was determined to find someone to share that kind of experience with again, and many times.

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